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20jan2020 | Dance your way into Leadership

Event: Dance your way into Leadership

What Can We Learn from Dancing for Leadership in a Complex World?


18.00 – 20.00


1010 Wien




Vienna Global Leaders





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  • Date: 28 January 2020, 18:00–20:00 (Start 18:30)
  • Now really, until when? Smooth closing, after the talk we are inviting you to network, bar will open and besides, you can “taste” West Coast Swing – a lot of dancers will be there who are eager to give a glimpse of the feeling of this beautiful dance!
  • Location: Café Aera, Gonzagagasse 11, 1010 Vienna / downstairs
  • Speaker & passionate dance: Dr. Barbara Covarrubias Venegas
  • Professional dancers: Stella Maria Schletterer, Christopher Piffel
  • Language: English
  • Registration: online see below
  • Facebook event: Here
  • LinkedIn event: Here

Today’s leaders must be equipped with the mental, emotional, and interpersonal preparedness for uncertainty and risk.

We want to shed a different light on leadership by building on the analogy of dancing. There is vast empirical evidence about the positive effects of dancing (improving mental health/agility and body fitness, increasing social interaction, boosting overall happiness and much more), yet the relation to leadership is widely unknown. And there is so much that we can learn from dancing to become better leaders – and better followers / employees.

We – one passionate dancer but professional researcher and two professional dancers / a biologist and a musician – explore participative leadership strategies, shared decision making, the importance of trust, respect, acknowledgments, space & proactive behaviour in an interactive way. We will look at what leaders and also followers can do to create a better environment in order to flourish as a team – in organizations, but also on the dance floor. ????

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