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10-12märz2020 | Leading Organizations in the Digital Age

Event: Leading Organizations in the Digital Age


Part 1 – Online course: you can start any time

Part 2 – In-class training: 10-12march2020, 3 days


Online and in-class Wien
Sprache: Englisch


€ 3.800


WU Executive Academy





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Leading Organizations in the Digital Age

The upstream online program covers an analysis of the characteristics of agile organizations. What are the benefits, where is it applicable. The participants have to deal with the connection of agility, change management, leadership and organizational design, they work on their own leadership style, their agile mindset as well as the implementation of agile methods.

The presence module is for participants to deepen their knowledge: How to structure organizations in an agile way, where does it even make sense, what should be standardized. Participants will get to know agile working methods and tools as well as digital business strategies and models and different levels of digitalization in a company. They will have learned how digital leaders evaluate, think, decide and act, how business management needs to adopt to a digital reality and how digital economics can be used in analog companies.

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