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Event-Report | Online training as „Certified Transfer Designer”


A „certification as Transfer Designer“ sounds fascinating and I would love to participate. Well, I simply do participate. As a trainer and consultant, I was naturally very curious to see what new and, above all, really applicable things I could learn here. I will gladly tell you more…

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  • Certified Transfer Designer| online | ab 6okt2020 | www.transfereffectiveness.com/…


Certified Transfer Designer, Online EditionDr. Ina Weinbauer (picture left, Founder of the „Institute for Transfer Effectiveness“) and Masha Ibeschitz (picture right, Chief Transfer Enabler at the same place and CEO of the „Think Beyond Group“) started on 6 October 2020 together a new round of the certification as Transfer Designer – this time however in a pure online version (due to Covid).

First of all – what does Transfer Design or Transfer Effectiveness actually mean?

I suspect that training managers, trainers, lecturers and just about everyone who has anything to do with initial and continuing vocational education and training has already dealt with this topic in one way or another. In simple terms, the question is how well the participants in a continuing training measure actually put what they have learned into practice in their everyday work. After all, this ultimately determines the effectiveness of the respective measure and the success for the participant and the company. Transfer designers therefore deal intensively with the question of what is necessary in the entire training process, ie. before, during and also after one or more measures, in order to ensure the best possible transfer into work practice. The scientifically based concept of the 12 levers of transfer effectiveness by Dr. Ina Weinbauer is based on years of research. So far I have of course already become acquainted with many transfer safeguards for the training itself and partly also for afterwards, but I was very curious about further ideas and approaches.

Course of the training to become a Transfer Designer

The start

I had assumed that the training would start with the first live session on 6 October 2020, as announced. However, I was surprised the week before with a great package containing working papers, various materials and a book. I was immediately captivated by the trainers.

Certified Transfer Designer 1 Certified Transfer Designer 2

That’s what I call successful onboarding!

The Transfer Sessions & Cafés

4 live online sessions, 4 transfer cafés, a practical case, as well as a lot of transfer and preparation tasks kept us participants well on their toes for the whole 9 weeks of training but did not overstrain us at all.

In the live online sessions via Zoom, we met with the two trainers on Monday morning to get to know the concept of transfer effectiveness and the associated transfer measures, to exchange ideas and to actively try them out. Here, each participant also worked on his or her own concrete practical case, the transfer effectiveness of which he or she should improve even further. Thursday evening, we met for coffee and exchange. In a cosy atmosphere we talked about how we are doing with what we have learned and how we are implementing it at the moment and shared ideas, tips and tricks. In between the sessions there were of course some tasks to do and preparations for the next session.

Certified Transfer Designer 3

The degree & certification

For the positive conclusion of the training and thus also for certification as a transfer designer, all participants must develop their own practical case – a training design – in the sense of optimal transfer effectiveness. This includes a description of the training, an elaboration of the goal canvas, the visualisation of a transfer journey and the development of a transfer matrix. Sounds extensive – it is. However, since the entire training course is already being worked on one’s own practical case and these documents, in reality only final touches are required for certification.

We then agreed on a joint certification meeting via Zoom, in which we talked about my practical case and the concrete transfer tools. On the one hand, the aim of the discussion was to find out to what extent I had already dealt with the individual transfer measures and was able to apply them. On the other hand, it was of course also about clarifying questions on my part. This had less to do with an examination than much more with a nice, rounded end to the training. It is really great to also see the positive reactions of my customers and other stakeholders on this effective approach – it is really about implementation in real life.

Further gold nuggets

The development platform

As an additional support, we worked the whole time with an online development platform, where we were provided with all used and many more documents, materials and templates. I also found the numerous explanatory videos about the individual transfer levers very descriptive.

The participants

What is very impressive is that this certification actually has an international format. Trainers, training managers, HR managers, etc. from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, UK, Malaysia, Turkey and Colombia took part.

So of course all sessions and documents were in English. Nevertheless, the format with all its features can be booked in German and in attendance at the Institute for Transfer Effectiveness.

Certified Transfer Designer 5

The Ethics Directive

Something completely new for me was the ethics guideline. I had never before dealt with such a directive in any training course. This ethics guideline regulates ethical questions arising from the professional practice of transfer designers certified by the Institute of Transfer Efficacy and the work of the Institute of Transfer Efficacy itself and must be confirmed by each participant at the end of the course.

My personal conclusion

I have used the year 2020 to further educate myself in many different areas around my work as a trainer and consultant. Of all the training courses, the certification as a Transfer Designer had the most depth and a very high practical relevance for me. If this is as important for you as it is for me, then I can really recommend this training to you.

I am very happy to have chosen it and also very proud to be able to show the Certified Transfer Designer label in my signature.

Event-Report | Online training as „Certified Transfer Designer”

Mag.(FH) Heike Dormuth, MA | Teil unseres fixen Autoren-Teams

Mag. Heike Dormuth, MA: Theoretischer Background: Magister in Wirtschaft und Unternehmensführung. MA in HRM. Aus- & Weiterbildungen für Trainer. Praktischer Background: Office Management, Consulting & Training in internationalem Konzern & KMUs in Österreich. Nach längerer Tätigkeit im Trainings & Consulting Bereich, machte sie sich 2014 selbständig. Sie begleitet HRweb als Key Account Managerin und trainiert und entwickelt Mitarbeiter und ganze Teams mit Ihrer Firma Teamimpuls.



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