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Praxis-Lupe | Was kommt nach SAP? Der Umstieg auf eine andere HR-Software (Workday)

Praxis-Lupe Mondelez Workday

Zahlreiche internationale Unternehmen arbeiten mit SAP. Kürzlich sprach ich mit Volker Schrank (Senior Director at Mondelēz International) darüber, weshalb und wie Mondelēz zu einer anderen HR-Software (Workday) wechselte.



Volker Schrank ist Senior Director at Mondelēz International

Volker Schrank, Mondelez

Why did you choose Workday?

We are coming from an SAP-platform (SAP HCM) and in 2018 the question was: what is next, where are we going towards. And from a pure technology perspective, SAP would have been the easy answer, and we also have Finance in SAP already, etc. But what we did is, we did not look for the best system from an IT-perspective, but: what is the best product from an experience and user-perspective. And by that, Workday outrated the others significantly.

We also looked into Oracle, SuccessFactors, etc.

What were the challenges and obstacles?

We are doing really good. To be fair, we did a few stumbling blocks, when we went life first.  Because we went life with a big bang: all modules in all 80 countries at once. So, we mainly focused on the integration of the system, but did not focus enough on the end-user experience. Also, because we did not know that from our old system. So, there we lacked a little. The go-life went perfectly, but we did not have the self-service-uptake from start like we wanted it to be. We were then switching gears and since then we are thinking more about a design-thinking-approach. Meaning: going directly to our employees, asking them about their needs and then we build it.

One of the big ahas where: we have about 50-50% blue-collar and white-collar workers. For our manufacturing workforce we built kiosks within the manufacturing environment and there they can do self-service as well. So, we set up a desktop-computer with a keyboard and a mouse. Not knowing, that those people were not used to keyboard and mouse. They are used to touchscreens on their phones. So, we had to turn around, get rid of keyboards and mouses, put a touchscreen in and then it works. We did not know because we never asked.

So, we changed a lot of our approach towards “let’s ask, let’s co-design” and then it works.

We went live in 2020 and 1 ½ years later we have fixed self-service as well and by now we have a self-service-uptake of about 88-90%. That means, all across of our workforce, everything that we offer in self-service, 88-90% is actually really done in self-service. Even by our manufacturing workers. And we are pretty happy about that.

Praxis-Lupe | Was kommt nach SAP? Der Umstieg auf eine andere HR-Software (Workday)

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