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What presentations do audiences remember the most? The ones they both learned and felt something. Let’s look at 4 chemicals the brain produces that presenters can induce to engage people during their talk.

Autor: Mark Heather (MHC Business Language Training)

Emotion DOSE for presentations:



Dopamine is known as the pleasure hormone. It makes us feel engaged, interested and curious. Great movies and books induce dopamine, as do new Facebook likes or retweets. Presenters can make audiences feel the same way by telling stories. Build suspense with anecdotes, and don’t forget to include enough details that give your story colour. Create tension by using contrasts. If you have a solution, first explain the problem. Do you have an idea that will benefit the company? Describe first the risk of not following your vision.


Oxytocin is known as the love hormone. It makes us bond with others, feel close and trust people. We experience this via touch, e.g., when hugging. Presenters probably won’t embrace their audience physically, but they can induce oxytocin in different ways. We do this by showing our human side, being authentic, vulnerable and sharing feelings. Allow your facial expressions to reflect how you feel. If you are happy, remember to smile. Are you worried? Look concerned. Did you make a mistake? Say sorry – and mean it!


Serotonin is known as the happiness hormone. It makes us feel hopeful and optimistic. These emotions help us perform at peak levels, so sports coaches and trainers trigger serotonin to motivate their team. Presenters can do the same by describing successes and strengths. Tell people what amazing things they are doing and give concrete examples. Mention people by name to boost their confidence and make them feel proud. That will energise them to set and achieve new goals that benefit the team and the company.


Endorphins are known as the feel-good hormone. They make us feel relaxed and helps to relieve stress or pain. When we are at ease, we become highly creative. Enough endorphins can cause people to enter an almost meditative state known as ‘flow’ when we feel completely connected with our thoughts and emotions. In these moments, our most inspired and brilliant ideas often come to us. Presenters can induce endorphins in their audience by smiling warmly and looking people in the eye. It’s as simple as that!

By combining these techniques to create a DOSE cocktail of positive emotions for your audience, you will become a more persuasive presenter and increase your power of influence. It is the phenomenon that people identify with charisma.


Mark Heather, MHC4 Elements for your Presentation | Adding a DOSE of Emotion

Mark Heather is owner and CEO at MHC Business Language Training, an institute based in Vienna and Bratislava. He is a communication and presentation skills trainer with an educational background in psychology and management. He gives courses and webinars to companies in Austria, the Diplomatic Academy and has previously lectured at the FH Wien. mark.heather@mhc-training.com I www.mhc-training.com

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